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X-Rite (previously GretagMacbeth) is the world leading company for color sensors. The world wide knowledge center for On-Line color measurement is located in Martinsried (near Munich, Germany). Color sensors directly in the production machine are becoming more and more important. The real-time information about the color of the product is necessary to react immediately, before the color is out of tolerance. This On-Line sensors ensure a really quick return on investment (ROI) by:

  • Faster machine start: the control of the color is much faster because of the real-time measurement.
  • Quicker shade changes: especially with a closed loop color control the color change lasts typically half as long as if done manually.
  • Less waste because of color: by faster transition times and the possibility to react before the color is out of spec.
  • Less waste handling: waste of the production has to be stored somewhere and recycled again. The reuse of waste can cause additional problems. If it has to be disposed of, this is even more expensive.
  • Less complains form the customers: the quality is not only controlled through the whole production, it is also documented. This helps to prove the good quality.
  • Reduce of workload: Especially during critical production phases like start up or transition period the work load of the operators is relieved by the On-Line color sensor and the closed loop color control. Thus they have more time to concentrate on the other parameters to be adjusted at the machine 
  • Takes the “guess work” out of the process: especially when the on-line color sensor is linked with an automatic closed loop color control, colorant additions are calculated precisely. Within one correction the production will be on target again.
  • Documentation of the entire production: this is not only to fulfill specifications for ISO 9001, but proves the constant good quality against your customer.
  • Higher quality: smaller variations within the production certify a reasonable sales price of the product.

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